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IdentityForce Review

Last Updated: 12/06/2021
By: Robert Michaels of

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Can you trust IdentityForce?

These days you not only have to worry about having your personal information stolen, you have to be wary of the identity theft protection product you choose to protect yourself. Before you sign up for any identity protection service, make sure you know what you're getting.

IdentityForce is the #1 Identity Protection Service Provider to the U.S. Government

You may not have the time or tools to painstakingly research every identity protection service company out there - but U.S. Government agencies do. And they overwhelmingly choose IdentityForce. We provide complete identity protection for some of the most critical U.S. Government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration and the U.S. Army.

IdentityForce was judged "Best-in-Class" in the Javelin 2009 Consumer Identity Protection Services Scorecard

IdentityForce was determined to be the "Best-in-Class" by Javelin, a leading independent research firm, in its 2009 survey of 20 consumer identity protection service providers. In particular, Javelin noted that Identity Force provides, "far reaching protection for consumers."

IdentityForce is the only identity protection service provider endorsed by AHA

The American Hospital Association has exclusively endorsed IdentityForce's personal identity protection, corporate compliance, and commercial data breach solutions.

The people behind IdentityForce have been around

IdentityForce is a division of Bearak Reports, Inc. - a leader in background screening and asset-search services since 1992. IdentityForce draws on Bearak Reports' expertise in information verification services for healthcare organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals to provide the most complete identity protection and data breach services available anywhere.

IdentityForce has proven results

Large and small companies, merchants, healthcare providers, government agencies, and colleges and universities look to IdentityForce as their partner to prevent identity theft.

IdentityForce is a complete solution for personal identity theft, corporate compliance, and data breaches

Unlike other identity protection service providers that focus on one or a few aspects of identity protection, IdentityForce takes a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of identity protection, corporate compliance, and data breach recovery and prevention.